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Fluorination of Elastomers

Elastomer parts can benefit enormously from our range of tailored fluorination treatments. Individual components, complex shapes and coiled profiles can be permanently modified for different properties, depending on the specific conditions within the reaction chamber:

  • Increased surface energy and surface polarity – greatly enhancing adhesive receptivity and wettability.
  • Greatly reduced friction coefficient – reduced drag in dynamic situations, ease of assembly for static parts without the need for messy greases and lubricants.


Friction Coefficient for untreated and fluorinated EPDM parts compared with PTFE

Friction coefficient for untreated and fluorinated EPDM parts compared with PTFE


    Coiled profile can be treated;

Coiled profile treated for adhesion enhancement 


Bellows treated to help avoid sticktion



Seals treated friction reduction


Static parts treated for ease of assembly

Static parts treated for ease of assembly