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Bettix Sustainability and Environment 

Sustainability and Environment

As well as registration to ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - ISO 14001:2004, Bettix constantly strive to reduce environmental impact.


Bettix dispenser bottles are moulded in HDPE, which is one of the most widely recycled polymers. Bettix Dispenser/Dosing bottles are for use with concentrated products to help reduce packaging waste.  One Bettamix dispenser bottle can provide up to 40 doses of product, saving the production, filling, distribution and disposal of 39 conventional plastic bottles.



The Betta-Bottle re-usable trigger pack is another material saving innovation which you can find under the "Products" heading.


HDPE is lightweight, durable, flexible, hygienic and resource efficient.  As it is a by-product of the oil refining process, it makes sense to use this material while oil is being refined for fuelling cars, trucks, ships and planes, especially as it is so widely recycled, being the same material used for milk bottles and many other consumer containers.


However, as oil is a limited resource there is increasing emphasis on alternatives. Bettix recycle virtually all waste plastic created on site and are investigating the use of many other recycled materials to reduce reliance on limited resources. 


Another recent innovation has been the development of sustainably sourced HDPE. This "GREEN" material from Braskem, in Brazil, is used for some mouldings to reduce reliance on limited fossil fuel-based polymers.



It has all the beneficial characteristics and recyclability of petroleum-based HDPE, but is sourced from ethically managed sugar cane plantations. 

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