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Bettix: Innovators in Plastic Blow Moulded Containers & Bottles

Bettix Ltd are market leaders for the 'Bettamix' range of dispensing / dosing bottles.  A unique range of bottles for concentrated products to reduce packaging waste. One Bettamix dispenser bottle can provide up to 40 doses of product, saving the production, filling and distribution of 39 conventional plastic bottles. They also have an anti-spill feature and range in size from 100ml to 5Ltrs.

An easy single-handed measure system for concentrates, the 'Bettamix' single and twin neck dispensing bottles are widely used in the following markets: horticulture, animal health, herbal supplements, fuel additives, pond/aquarium treatments, industrial and domestic cleaning markets.

Bettix specialise in developing custom design technical blow moulded components for a diverse range of products, customers and markets requiring custom plastic packaging solutions. A recent £1m investment in the latest CAD and Multi-Axis machine technology has placed Bettix at the leading edge of technical plastic blow moulding design and manufacture.

We also provide an effective 'post moulding' fluorination barrier treatment for plastic containers which require protection against aggressive chemicals such as solvent based products, automotive fuels and oils, flavourings and essence concentrates. This treatment also improves adhesion enhancement for plastic containers.

A member of the privately owned Blugilt Polymer Group, significant growth has seen the addition of new manufacturing units, and a warehousing and distribution centre, together totalling 18,000m2 of covered floor space.

Together with our sister company Bolton Plastics Limited the Bolton site has 44 plastic blow moulding machines and 8 injection moulding machines, employing 300 highly trained personnel.

Fluorination Barrier Treatment


Many strong solvents and aggressive chemicals cannot be stored in plastic due to permeation, evaporation, softening and attack. Bettix fluorination could solve your problems - pushing the traditional boundaries of how and where plastic containers are used

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