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Twin Neck CRC Dispensers

Bettamix Twin Neck Range

Bettix Ltd are market leaders for our ‘Bettamix’ range of dispensing / dosing bottles. An easy single handed measure system for concentrates with an anti-spill benefit. Bettamix dispensing bottles are widely used in the following markets: horticulture, animal health, herbal supplements, fuel additives, pond/aquarium treatments, industrial and domestic cleaning markets.

  • Large flat labelling and printing area
  • Dispensing chamber sizes from 5ml upwards
  • Container sizes available in 100ml to 1litre
  • Child resistant closures

Bettix Standard Twin Neck CRC

Bettix Standard Twin Neck CRC Dispensers are available from stock in the following sizes along with CRC caps to match in a range of colours and seal styles

Ref Material Height Width Depth Capacity Chamber Neck Per Box
T1005C HDPE 114.5 74 33.6 100ml 5ml R6-20 510
T25010C HDPE 160.25 93.5 42 250ml 10ml R3-22 182
T50025C HDPE 205.3 110 50.3 500ml 25ml R3-28 115
T1LT25C HDPE 235 134 65 1000ml 25ml R3-28 52

Also available

Ref Material Height Width Depth Capacity Chamber Neck Per Box
T1LT125 HDPE 241.2 133.5 57 1000ml 125ml 38/28mm 1050


How to Use

How to use Bettamix twin neck dispenser

In use, loosen the chamber cap, gently squeeze the filled dispenser bottle with one hand, filling the dosing chamber to the required amount. The chamber cap is then removed allowing the measured amount to be dispensed with ease from the chamber. Spillage of toxic substances is avoided and the dispenser container overcomes the traditional two-handed filling of liquids into a separate measuring cap. 

Fluoro-Seal Treatment available for aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuel treatments etc.

Custom Moulding and Design experts on hand for special requirements